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Let us handle all your Heating, Cooling & Air Quality needs with Our HVAC Specialists image give us a call and Uncle Mike will take care of your home and sort it all out. Always has, always will.

uncle mike says...

Call me if you need me.

That’s Uncle Mike’s go-to phrase. For the past 20 years he’s been helping his friends with basic home services and always encouraged them to reach out if they needed help.

As time went on, word began to spread about his expertise and his help became more and more sought after.

So, he decided to surround himself with the best technicians from a variety of home service industries hoping to share his expertise with anyone who needed it.

This was the start of Uncle Mike’s Home Services, and as he would always say: “Call me if you need me.”
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Heating, Cooling & Air Quality Needs

We'll ensure that clean, healthy air is flowing throughout your home with air duct cleaning, dryer vent cleaning and more.
Uncle Mike's specializes in complete air-conditioning unit installations, so you can have peace of mind (and cool air) in your home.
When it's time to replace or service your heating system, furnace or heat pump, you can trust Uncle Mike's to get your home ready for colder weather.
Our experienced professionals deliver top-notch cleaning of your home's air ducts for improved HVAC efficiency and better indoor air quality.

Your Home is Uncle Mike's #1 Priority

Our approach isn't anything new or different.

We're simply taking our skills and knowledge and returning to the fundamentals that make home services so valuable. Our mission is simple: contribute to society, treat people with fairness and honesty, work with cooperation and team spirit and strive for improvement with courtesy and humility, adaptability, and gratitude.

We care deeply about our customer’s comfort as well as our their health. Indoor air quality is not an option, it’s a necessary solution to the dangers we, our children, and our pets face every day. No longer will our customers overpay for products that don't deliver; for us, it's all about the quality of service and the commitment of our technicians.

When we talk about "quality," 80% of the equation is ensuring the lifetime value of your home's heating and cooling (the other 20% is the homeowner's responsibility with regular upkeep and maintenance). At Uncle Mike's, we believe in a true partnership with our customer’s and we promise to treat your home just as we would our own.

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100% Customer Satisfaction

Our mission to ensure that every customer leaves feeling content that they got the best service at the best price possible.