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Regular Air Conditioning Service is Essential for Your Home – And Here’s Why

We simply become accustomed to many things in life, and air conditioning systems and their operational efficiency fall into that category.

How many times have you come home from school, work (or anywhere), Noticed your home’s indoor air could use an adjustment, and all you need to do is open an app on your phone? We’re used to these things working. We’re used to them operating as they should and providing either warmer or cooler indoor air when we want it.

But without proper HVAC maintenance, none of this happens as we expect it should. Neglecting maintenance can have an adverse effect – and will end up costing you a lot of time and money.

So, if it’s been a while and your home’s air conditioning system could use a tune-up, it’s better to act fast and be proactive. The reactive option is far more costly.

Why your air conditioning system is so important to your home

Air conditioners are about more than just cool air during the summer months.
They’re a critical component of your home and its infrastructure. The main function of an air conditioning unit is to circulate air and filter in new air,

which helps in the removal of pollutants and particles that are harmful to your indoor air quality. And if someone in your home is susceptible to poor air (asthma or allergies). The air conditioning provides what can be considered a life-saving service.

Air conditioning also lowers humidity in the home, which occurs when air becomes stagnant or hasn’t been circulated in some time. The dehumidification process also removes moisture from indoor air so the air feels “normal.”

5 main benefits of regular air conditioning service

As a rule of thumb, Uncle Mike’s Home Service recommends having your air conditioner serviced two times a year. Once in the spring before summer arrives and then again in the fall.

Scheduling maintenance in the fall is beneficial because you can get ahead of potential problems in the spring, and if certain parts are needed. Knowing that ahead of time will help get the parts on schedule.

Longer lifespan of your home’s AC system

When your air conditioning unit (or system) does not receive routine maintenance, small problems can quickly become bigger problems. One of the most common results is decreased efficiency and operational lifespan of the system; new A/C units can cost more than $10,000 when factoring in installation and labor costs.

Lower costs on your monthly utility bills

An efficient air conditioning unit is a unit that doesn’t need to work as hard. With regular maintenance, your A/C system is more efficient which keeps your utility costs down. Wouldn’t you like to see a lower monthly bill?
Fewer repairs are needed now and down the road

When you trust Uncle Mike’s Home Service for your air conditioning maintenance, our expert team spots problems early – or in some cases, before they’re even problems. That means the repairs your system may need today are smaller jobs. The longer you wait for maintenance, the more severe your A/C problems become.

Improved indoor air quality

This is perhaps the most important benefit of regular air conditioning maintenance. Cleaner air is healthier air, and your A/C system performs an important job in your home. Particles and pollutants that contribute to poor air are filtered out and cleaner air is moved in, which gives you better air and peace of mind.

Efficiency for your AC system

As we mentioned briefly above, an air conditioning system that works too hard is prone to short and long-term issues. In a nutshell, that means “high-cost repairs.” When A/C is running smoothly, it’s more efficient and also reduces your environmental impact – In addition to the other benefits of efficiency listed earlier.

What are you waiting for? Give Uncle Mike’s Home Service a call today!

HVAC maintenance should be a top priority for homeowners – especially when it comes to ensuring clean indoor air (of course, your plants will help). The longevity of your system, you can schedule in advance, And take care of this important item of business once or twice per year (depending on where you live). And have peace of mind that you’ll have heating and cooling when you need it most.

If your HVAC system hasn’t received maintenance recently, it’s time to give Uncle Mike’s Home Service a call.

You can call us at 844-900-MIKE, or fill out our online contact form to request a free estimate or schedule an appointment.

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